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Data Center & Cloud  Staffing

Tier2Tek IT staffing agency and recruitment provides solutions for Data Center & Cloud staffing. These specialists oversee selecting and managing infrastructure as a service (IAAS) platforms. Additionally, they build out Datacenters that act as a cloud infrastructure. Their primary role is to transition local infrastructures to cloud based services saving companies money and making them more efficient.

For Experienced Data Center & Cloud Staffing

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Tier2Tek IT staffing company has years of experience in staffing IT roles such as the Data Center & Cloud Specialists. It takes a special skill-set to recruit for this highly technical role. As a result, Tier2Tek take time to screen candidates carefully to ensure the appropriate experience and background are present. Trust in Tier2Tek IT staffing to provide you the best candidates for your hiring needs.

What Does an Data Center & Cloud Specialist Do?

Traditionally, companies have always used local Datacenters within their organization. Moreover, most companies today still depend heavily on a single data center that’s located within the business.

With cloud infrastructures, companies can outsource majority of these services to multiple databases in various areas. By doing so, they save on costs and diversify their risk.

Data center and cloud specialists manage these cloud services and integrate them into the business.  They transition the services and manage them to effectively provide users the resources they need.

Sample Data Center & Cloud Job Description for Staffing

  • Hyper-V experience
  • Vmware experience
  • Experience administering and configuring Firewalls.
  • VXRail experience.
  • DataDomain/Avamar Enterprise backup solution experience.
  • Disaster recovery between multi location Data Centers.
  • Enterprise Monitoring and alerting system experience.
  • Active Directory, Group Policies Objects, Distributed File Shares and Scripting experience.
  • Experience configuring Cisco routers, switches.
  • Systems Administration experience in Windows Serve.r
  • Experience with Public Cloud (Microsoft Azure) services and solutions.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Advanced understanding of infrastructure technologies- Server (MS Windows, Linux), data store (SQL Server, MySQL), network, storage, security, and management technologies.
  • Experience with IT transformation – data center consolidations and migration.
  • ITIL
  • Expertise in PCF platform maintenance and administration.
  • As a Cloud Architect, accountable for architecting, designing, & developing cloud delivery models and cloud platform solutions.
  • Container as a Service – Identify and operationalize best container management and orchestration solutions to fit workloads.
  • Perform service delivery platform benchmarks and develop framework for cloud implementations.
  • Define and oversee Application migration initiatives and recommend best fit cloud strategy for applications – Private, Public and Hybrid models.
  • Manage first time engineering / implementation of any cloud based tech stack.
  • Gather requirements, topology information and deployment details as inputs to virtualize and containerize various applications.
  • Partner with infrastructure operations, platform optimization, and data center operation teams to scope, define, size and execute application on-boarding, migration consolidation initiatives
  • Develop a Cloud Migration tools framework.
  • Create a dynamic capacity monitoring and allocation solution for client’s PaaS and perform capacity planning and forecasting for cloud.
  • Create and document cloud deployment architectures as needed to maintain up-to-date details on existing infrastructure.
  • Design security framework for implementing cloud solutions on Public Cloud.