Quick Staffing: Getting the Full Benefits of a Temp Agency

A strategic and personalized approach to quick staffing or temp staffing has many advantages for employers and can help manage payroll costs and reduce overheads.

Let’s put it simply: staffing can be arduous and time-consuming. Furthermore, time is money (as they say). If you are spending your time attempting to find a plethora of employees, you are losing money elsewhere. With someone else handling employee recruitment, you can focus your resources on business development. Business development equals better business. Better business equals more money. As an employer, you already understand this concept. We aren’t reinventing the wheel.

If finding permanent star-studded employees is difficult, then finding reliable quick staffing and temp employees is unfathomable. The ability to find great workers in a time crunch can lead to an array of missteps and rehiring. Once again, this rehiring will lead to wasting your precious business time. Less money!

Why is quick and temporary staffing useful? What is the overall benefit of working with a temp agency?

Let’s break it down.

Benefits of Quick Staffing

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs with Tier2Tek Staffing

The reason why organizations are fond of temporary staffing solutions is obvious. Quick staffing through a temp agency can be used to enhance service levels when needed temporarily. If you need to hire a mixture of positions for a specific project or relocation, finding permanent employees to fill temporary roles and beyond can be financially strenuous.

This whole concept can be a bit murky without a specific example. Let’s put it into perspective. Let’s say your organization is planning on moving locations. To do so, you need a team of IT workers to help reinstall offices, computers and other hardware. After the relocation, you will no longer need their services. If you plan on hiring these employees, you would have to find permanent placements for them after the move. This act of fitting a square peg into a round hole can ultimately be a waste of your time and hiring resources.

Henceforth, if you work with a temp agency, they can do all the hiring for you and release the workers when the project is finished.

Furthermore, since the temporary staff works for the employment agency, the organization in need is not responsible for employment benefits or any other costs. Other costs for temporary employees can include taxes, social security and insurance costs. Ultimately, the staffing agency handles this. Your organization gets the work when needed and avoids the outside costs.

Making use of temporary staffing saves around 30-40% of the payroll. Additionally, the organization saves money on training because the temporary staffing agencies will ensure the candidates have sufficient skills and training for the job. 

Quick staffing is efficient, easy and financially positive. You get the work and move on. The company’s hands are clean and the job is done.

Increase Flexibility

Increase Flexibility  with Tier2Tek temp agency

Being overstaffed or understaffed can be detrimental to a business. Believe it or not, you can have too many great employees. Sometimes there just isn’t enough work to go around.

When working with a temporary staffing agency, you can expand and decrease your team without the hassle of hiring, firing and letting go.

Furthermore, temporary staffing can be employed to handle routine business functions, while full-time employees can focus on core business activities. 

Let’s break down another example. Let’s say your company has a drastic uptick in business needs around the winter holidays. Bringing on the staff you need to fill seasonal needs can lead to being overstaffed come spring. Then, you’d have to let team members go. This quick overturn can lead to an overall feeling of distrust from potential candidates (not to mention the opaque waters of unemployment compensation).

Avoid the potential employee distaste by using quick staffing. Temporary workers can bring extra hands for busy seasons or projects. Temp agencies are aware of the timeframe of employment. No worker leaves unsatisfied or rug-pulled and bridges can be built for the future.

Save Time With Quick Staffing

Save Time with Quick Staffing

We’ll say it again (in case you’ve never heard it before). Time is money.

The time spent on recruitment and placement of temporary staff is a function conducted by the employment agency. The employment agencies perform the advertising, screening, interviewing and reference checking required to attract and assess staff. 

The organization saves money and time by not having to sift through piles of unsuitable candidates. The employees needed for the hiring process can focus their efforts elsewhere. Furthermore, there will be little need to train. Staffing agencies work with prescreened candidates, only bringing you the most qualified workers for your job. When working with quick staffing, the only training employees will need is an overview of the location. Point them in the right direction and they’ll already know what to do. The temporary employees are ready to work and are productive as soon as they start the job. 

Also, the temp staffing agencies (like Tier2Tek) normally take care of the temporary staff’s payroll processing, contract signing requirements and onboarding. All you need to do is let the agency know what you are looking for. Everything else is handled through the employment officers. It’s like your own remote HR department.

In Conclusion

The advantages of using temporary staffing solutions allow you to increase productivity when needed while keeping your payroll in check. Also, it allows you to keep your employees at optimum levels while gaining the flexibility to meet work demands effectively and efficiently. 

Nevertheless, if you need help with quick staffing needs or you need the service of a temp agency, Tier2Tek is here for your recruiting needs.