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Windows Deployment Technician
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Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Agency provides solutions for Windows Deployment Technician staffing.
The main responsibility of this role is to manage Windows development for hardware products.

What Does a Windows Deployment Technician Do?

If you are looking for a software specialist to help design new products using Microsoft Windows, you are looking for Windows Deployment Technician staffing.

Firstly, the Windows Deployment Technician is a software engineer that oversees the usage of Microsoft Windows within a company. This may include installing, training, deploying and maintaining these systems. Whether just the overall use of Windows as a company’s main operating system, or the integration of it into new products, the Windows Deployment Technician is there for all Windows needs.

Furthermore, the Deployment Technician may be used to oversee the integration of Windows into new hardware products. If a new product uses Windows, the specialist will be there to work with production teams to ensure efficient and fluid development.

Finally, the Technician may use windows to build new automation systems, especially within the manufacturing industry.


  • Firstly, works collaboratively with IT and Infrastructure teams, provide level 1/2 desktop support for Windows migration projects.
  • Secondly, is deploys Windows task sequence activities on migration, actively resolving issues during/post migrations and escalate issues to project manager if needed.
  • Finally, provides troubleshooting and support of desktop-related issues post migrations.
  • Then escalates issues to Lead Technician if necessary.
  • Diagnoses, resolves or escalates issues relating to desktop hardware, software or connectivity.
  • Provides daily updates to project team on deployment/post deployment status.
  • Performs hands-on installation of software and hardware upgrades and implementations.
  • Does physical deployment of computers.
  • Supports the Window imaging and deployments per plan working with the project deployment team.
  • Is aware of and follow company IT and security policies.
  • Assists in documenting FAQ/How-To guides if needed.