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Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Agency provides solutions for Software QA Engineer staffing.
The main responsibility of the role is to help incorporate tests and solutions for a company’s software products.

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What Does a Software QA Engineer Do?

Looking for a software specialist to help maintain quality and assurance (QA) on your company’s products? You are looking for Software QA Engineer staffing.

Firstly, the Software QA Engineer’s main role is to help conserve and nurture a company’s software products. Firstly, this may involve incorporating automated testing to keep up-to-date data on a software’s performance. Secondly, this may involve debugging and troubleshooting problems that arise. Finally, the QA Engineer may work with customer feedback in order to implement updates and fixes in the future.

Overall, the Software QA Engineer is a vital role in a company’s development process. They keep track of metrics, troubleshoot problems, and work as a liaison with different development teams. Their main goal is to help create a software product that both meets the company’s needs and the end user’s satisfaction. Finally, they are crucial for a product’s lifecycle, helping solve problems and implement changes in the software going forward.

Example Responsibilities for Software QA Engineer Staffing

  • Completes comprehensive testing to ensure the quality of an application’s usability, functionality, security, and performance.
  • Executes planned and automatic testing to assure the quality of an application’s usability, functionality, security, and performance.
  • Documents test results and defects in designated test management tool.
  • Works with application and software development teams to establish and maintain test environments.
  • Communicates issues identified during testing activities to the application development team. Then assists in the troubleshooting and resolution.
  • Provides feedback on design and architectural solutions and recommends process and application improvements.
  • Contributes to department metrics such as requirements coverage, test case readiness, test execution progress, and defect counts and statistics in designated test management tools.
  • Participate in application and/or project team meetings.
  • Follows a company’s quality standards and processes.