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Software (SW) Developer Staffing Agency
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Software Developer Staffing

Tier2Tek Staffing Agency has recruiters that can assist your organization in staffing Software Developers. The Software Developer is a versatile role that requires a great deal of expertise. Software Developers are highly methodological and have a great deal of precise programming knowledge.

For Experienced Software Developer Staffing

Email us or call us at (720) 722-2385. We provide staffing solutions nationwide.

Tier2Tek Staffing Firm is it technical recruitment agency that assists organizations with Software Developer staffing. Although based in Denver, we have Software Developers available nationally to assist your organization with your development needs.

We would like to get to know your business and your immediate hiring needs so we can connect you with talented Software Developers who are in the job market. Please contact us and that a dedicated account manager will work directly with you to find the ideal candidate.

What Does an IT Software Developer Do?

Software Developers are computer programmers who are well versed in the latest computer languages. The developer designs and builds custom software systems for an organization. Moreover, the software can be developed to automate processes and make the company more efficient.

Alternatively, Software Developers can work for companies to help create custom software.

Sample Software Developer Job Description for Staffing

  • Work with team members to identify the best course of action for client requirements.
  • Builds software that optimizes business processes and streamlines for efficiency.
  • Continuously maintains and upgrades software based on customer requirements.
  • Tests and configures software for quality assurance prior to launch.
  • Analyzes code and identifies problems to ensure smooth operation of programs.
  • Ensures privacy is in place with intellectual property of software codes.
  • Works with leaders to identify ways to improve the efficiency of programs.
  • Trains customers on the usage of software and provide documentation.

Qualifications for Software Developer

  • 3-5 years of software applications and development in various languages.
  • Certification and computer languages for base-level understanding.
  • Has worked on large-scale software for enterprise-level companies.
  • Has experience with open source technology and knows how to avoid intellectual property infringements.
  • Experience coding languages such as Java, C++, PHP and more.
  • Must have exceptional collaboration and communication skills.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of developing secure software.
  • Has the ability to identify problems or weaknesses in code and offer methodologies for improvement.
  • Be able to develop code for multiple projects at a time.