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ServiceNow Engineers work with other administrators to create and customize the
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process within an organization.

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What Does a ServiceNow Engineer Do?

Looking for someone to help create and implement a Customer Relationship (CRM) program within your business or organization? You are looking for ServiceNow Engineer staffing.

Firstly, ServiceNow is a company that provides software for businesses. This cloud-based software helps companies manage teams, development and production all in one place with multiple tools. It also works as a CRM, allowing Help Desk workers to communicate with clients on a customer service basis. This involves creating tickets, communicating with the appropriate troubleshooter, and creating solutions.

A ServiceNow Engineer is an expert on all of the company’s software and tools. They work to integrate the software into your company, troubleshoot any issues, train backend employees on how to use the tools, and create efficient ways to use the system. Henceforth, they are a company’s experts on CRMs.

Moreover, they design the interface, dashboards, reporting metrics, and user management tools for CRMs like ServiceNow. They specialize in creating features like ticketing systems, asset management databases, and customer-relation management platforms.


  • Firstly, works with ServiceNow project managers, developers, and administrators to develop manual and automated testing solutions. Furthermore, this increases and updates efficiency in the ServiceNow platform and other CRMs.
  • Secondly, Implements ServiceNow Automated Test Framework to support releases of ServiceNow major, minor enhancement, and maintenance releases.
  • Develops, documents, and implements scripts for new existing ServiceNow features.
  • Communicates goals, priorities, plans, schedule, status, and results.
  • Furthermore, documents and reports ServiceNow testing, verification status, and results. This may include errors, non-conformances, troubleshooting, and corrections needed.
  • Has a minimum of 3 years of experience as a ServiceNow developer supporting IT service management with experience in implementation and configuration of core applications including Incident, Problem, Change, PPM, Knowledge, and Asset Management.
  • ServiceNow System Administration certification is a plus.
  • Also has knowledge in ServiceNow performance analytics and reporting dashboard design.