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The main responsibility of the role is to find and extract crude oil from new and existing wells.

What Does a Petroleum Engineer Do

Looking for a specialist in crude oil? Looking for an expert to help create new ways to extract oil resources? You are looking for Petroleum Engineer staffing.

Ultimately, oil is a crucial piece of how we operate as a modern society. It makes the world go round, after all. So, who extracts this oil? Who finds it and helps process it? Petroleum Engineers are a critical pillar of the oil industry.

Firstly, the Petroleum Engineer helps find new places for extracting gas. Once they do, they work to invent new and efficient ways to extract the oil. From creating new machinery to refining techniques already used, the Engineer works to improve the industry and its production.

Henceforth, the Petroleum Engineer oversees the drilling process, helping create and enact the most efficient ways to extract petroleum. After all, cost-effectivity and simplicity are their goals.


  • Firstly, generates well decline forecasts, future production forecasts, remaining reserve analysis, stimulation recommendations, well work-over supervision, pipeline design analysis, facility design and assistance on potential field expansion.
  • Generates economic evaluations and sensitivity analyses concerning oil and gas operations; provides potential income forecasts and negotiating information for potential agreements.
  • Provides oil, gas and mineral training when necessary.
  • Performs well log analysis on wells to evaluate possible bypassed production and to research potential additional production capabilities.
  • Performs reservoir simulations and characterizations to maximize oil and gas production.
  • Applies petroleum engineering principles to the production of coal bed methane wells, shallow low-pressure wells, tight gas wells, resource plays and unconventional wells.
  • Serves as a technical specialist and liaison between departments, agencies and commercial contractors on complex project issues, processes, or methods.

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