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The main responsibility of the role is to oversee the design and creation of company production.

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What Does an Industrial Engineer Do

Production is a critical point of business and organizations. It’s what you create and sell, after all. Henceforth, larger companies require larger production processes, whether factories or assembly lines. These productions aren’t created on a whim. A plethora of planning and mechanics go into creating a waste-efficient and time-proficient production facility.

Are you looking for an expert to help design or create production layouts? Need a specialist to increase company efficiency and reduce production costs? You are looking for Industrial Engineer staffing.

Overall, Industrial Engineer is a broad title that deals with any engineer that falls within the industry of manufacturing. Henceforth, this work may involve creating blueprints for new warehouses or troubleshooting the mechanics of a manufacturing plant. If it involves creating and implementing structure within a production center, it’s Industrial Engineering.

Example Responsibilities

  • Overall, develops and improves production processes.
  • Firstly, works with production staff to identify opportunities for improvement, which may include “bottlenecks” in the process or methods and machines that are not producing an acceptable quantity or quality of work.
  • Secondly, applies Mathematical Calculations and SPC Methods to determine manufacturing process and production cost standards. Routinely audits all processes, material flow paths, and routings to confirm standard cost accuracy.
  • Works as Capacity and Utilization model developer and owner.
  • Works as Engineering Admin Systems Owner. This may include Oracle, ECO, BOM, ECR, NPJA Process, and QMS Engineering path flow through.
  • Assists with Capital Expenditure Justification, Asset Management, and ROI Tracking when necessary.
  • Does other miscellaneous Industrial Engineering Tasks as assigned related to cost and benefit analysis, planning for future plant expansions, purchases of machinery, or development of new production areas in response to anticipated production growth.
  • Assists with the preparation of new product cost estimates by analyzing the production process and costing each step, providing information to be used by corporate engineering and sales staff for proposals and product pricing.
  • Provides problem-solving support to various plant and corporate functional groups.

Average Salary

According to GlassDoor, the average salary for an Industrial Engineer is $100,608 a year.

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