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Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Agency provides solutions for Data Modeler staffing.
The main responsibility of this role is to create universal and updatable models based on company data.

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What Does a Data Modeler Do?

If you are looking for a specialist to create models based on company information to report to clientele and shareholders, you are looking for Data Modeler staffing.

Overall, the Data Modeler takes company data and turns it into digestible and ever-adapting models. Whether working with a business or enterprise, the Modeler can interpret company data, speak with higher-ups about the audience and create a final product. Henceforth, the Modeler creates a graphical representation of information that needs to be shown or reported to different audiences.

More than just a software engineer, the Data Modeler must understand the information they are working with. They take the time to learn exactly what details they need to make a graphical representation. Then, the engineer works with architecture teams to make sure the data model can be implemented effectively.


  • Firstly, works with the business to assess information and data needs.
  • Secondly, analyzes and translates business needs into data models.
  • Finally, evaluates existing data systems.
  • Works with the development team to create conceptual data models or flows.
  • Develops best practices for data coding to ensure consistency within the system.
  • Reviews modifications of existing systems for cross-compatibility.
  • Implements data strategies and develops physical data models.
  • Updates and optimizes local and metadata models.
  • Troubleshoots and solves issues within data systems.