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Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Agency provides solutions for Copywriter staffing.
The main responsibility of the role is to help a company write and produce documents like advertisements and press releases

What Does a Copywriter Do?

Looking for a writer to have on your team? Looking for a wordsmith to help create catchy advertising and press releases? You are looking for Copywriter staffing.

Overall, a Copywriter is a company’s writing expert. They are called upon to both create and edit any company product that involves English (or any other applicable language). Henceforth, whether working on advertisements, website content, press releases, or social media posts, the Copywriter is there to make sure everything is accurate and engaging.

Furthermore, the Copywriter is keen on the company’s market and keywords. They understand the audience and are able to write to them with appropriate tone and syntax. More than just a Technical Writer, the Copywriter involves a bit of creativity and emotion. They are attempting to reach an audience for further clientele or sales. They may have a background in creative writing or technical writing. Consequently, they have a strong grasp of grammar.


  • Overall, writes compelling and effective copy for all creative outlets. This may include email, social media, websites, banner ads, in-store merchandising and more.
  • Firstly, collaborates with designers and other creative team members to align headlines and other copy with visuals.
  • Secondly, follows brand guidelines to ensure all copy is on-brand and geared toward applicable customer demographic.
  • Finally, presents copywriting projects in creative review meetings and revises accordingly.
  • Organizes and prioritizes project load to meet deadlines based on current team needs.
  • Works on a variety of projects big and small. Oversees production from concept to completion, ensuring work is on brand, accurate and that best-practices are followed and optimized across all mediums.
  • Protects and builds on a company’s motive, brand and DNA.
  • Takes an analytical approach to impactful and creative copywriting.
  • Helps find, manage and copy edit other writing as needed.