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Advertising and Promotions Manager Staffing

Advertising and Promotions Manager Staffing Agency

Tier2Tek Recruitment Company provides solutions for Advertising and Promotions Manager staffing. The Advertising and Promotions Manager brings together marketing and advertising products to help grow businesses. Their primary responsibility is to design and develop promotional and marketing campaigns for companies as well as find advertising opportunities.

For Experienced Recruitment

At Tier2Tek Staffing Firm, we have years of experience in staffing IT roles such as Advertising and Promotions Managers. We always take the time to learn about your company and what your ideal candidate looks like. In addition, we will make sure to bring the correct and best possible employees to your organization to improve your business within a reasonable time frame. We look forward to learning about your company and helping to bring you the right candidate.

What Does the Position Do?

Advertising and Promotions Managers develop and put into action advertising and promotional campaigns. They are usually a large part of the company’s marketing department. These campaigns are used to build and evolve a company or brand. They will develop campaigns such as contests, coupons, or giveaways to promote the brand or a product/service. Moreover, they also develop advertising campaigns in multiple forms of media such as radio, television, print, online media, and billboards. In addition, they ensure these campaigns are efficient and productive for the company while also being cost-effective.

The Advertising and Promotions Manager is one of the most important roles for a marketing department. According to GlassDoor, the average salary of an Advertising Manager is $83,200.

Example Responsibilities

  • Manages campaigns end to end including initial setup, day-to-day optimization, and reporting.
  • Communicates with customers and clients.
  • Analyzes campaign performance, comparing current campaign execution strategies with new ideas to test and find improvements.
  • Clearly understands and translates the needs of an advertiser into a strategic plan created for their performance goals.
  • Pulls reports and prepares insights and recommendations.
  • Continuously supports the development and improvement of operational processes to drive efficiency.
  • Complete all tasks in a timely manner.
  • Interacts positively with peers, other departments, and vendors to identify operational issues.
  • Provides corrective procedures to resolve problems.
  • Is available for on-call responsibilities on a rotating schedule.
  • Is available for overtime work when needed.