Need to Hire? 4 Factors to Consider

When workload becomes overwhelming, businesses decide they need to hire to resolve the problem. In some cases, they decide to work with the temp agency to fill the position.

By working with a temp agency, they can save time by selecting prescreened candidates that are ready to start on short notice.

In other cases, they need permanent, direct hire placement assistance. In this case, businesses can work with a staffing agency or fill the position internally.

Regardless of the employment type, businesses sometimes feel overwhelmed and make the decision to open a new position.

Before opening the new requisition, the hiring manager should consider a few factors.

Financial Justification for The Position You Need To Hire

In many cases, the hiring manager assumes they needs to hire additional resources. However, after reviewing the details on paper, it may not make financial sense.

Therefore, the hiring manager should write down all the needs for this position. For example, what will be the daily requirements for this position? What are the primary needs to open this requisition? What will be their daily and weekly tasks?

By filling this position, will the department have a financial gain or loss?

If there is no financial justification, there are two options the hiring manager can take.

First, figure out how to get more justification for the role. This can be done by adding more responsibilities to the position that makes financial sense.

Second, the hiring manager can distribute some of the work to the current staff.

Not Enough Work For The Load

Another common mistake that hiring managers make is prematurely opening a position due to increased workload. However, does the workload justify a position that would require 40 hours of work from an individual?

In some cases, businesses open a new position and fill it as soon as they can. Once they fill it, they find it only takes a fraction of the time to complete the additional work.

As a result, businesses will tend to have the new employee take on multiple roles. Although it seems like a good idea, it can lead to problems in the long run with completion of tasks.

Too Much Work For The Role

After making a list of tasks, the hiring manager realizes that it is too much work for one person. It may be better to divide the role into two different positions. By doing so, employees can concentrate on their specialty and effectively complete the work.

In short, if the hiring manager can financially justify multiple roles with specialties, it is better to take that route. As a result, each employee will be able to focus on one task and complete it on time.

Avoid Multiple Roles In The Position You Need To Hire

Many businesses, especially smaller ones try to hire one person who can handle multiple responsibilities, a “jack of all trades”. The reasoning usually comes from taking two part time jobs and converting them into one fulltime role.

Overwhelming an employee with multiple tasks will leave them in a position where they fall short of completing daily tasks and weekly deliverables.

In summary, it may seem like a good idea first but will be detrimental in the long-run. In addition, the employee will eventually quit, and the business will be back to square one.

If you decide to work with a staffing agency, Tier2Tek can assist you with your hiring needs. Contact us today and we will help you fill your open positions.