Misconceptions About Staffing Companies

Finding the right person for the available positions in your organization requires a lot of work. It takes a lot of time to check applications, interview candidates, check references, test skills and negotiate salaries.

This is why staffing companies are in existence, they make it easier for you to focus on your business while they help you get the best candidates. 

Contrary to some belief, staffing companies can offer qualified candidates with incredible jobs at fortune companies.

However, some people know the bright sides of staffing agencies while some people have some misconceptions about employment agencies. 

Staffing Companies Misconceptions 

1. They Only Provide Temporary Employment 

One of the most popular misconceptions about staffing agencies is that they only offer temporary employment and not permanent employment.

While staffing organizations often provide businesses with a contract or temporary employee, they also offer permanent employment. Many positions begin as a contract task and then transition into a full-time position with the employer.

Staffing agencies also offer direct hire opportunities which allow them to source and evaluate job candidates for their clients to hire them directly.  

2. They Only Offer Low Paying or Entry-Level Jobs 

This myth has been in existence for many years. Nowadays, there are many staffing organizations that recruit a wide range of candidates for specialized positions.

Some agencies work with big organizations to find experienced candidates for skilled and well-paying positions.

Also, temporary positions come with great wages, which make them the best options for some candidates.  

3. Only Small Organizations Use Them 

Organizations of all sizes make use of the services of staffing agencies to fill different positions. There is a great appeal for businesses of all sizes in being able to find employees who have been vetted and approved for their position.

While an organization may have a human resources department, the HR manager may have too much to do or may not have the expertise to determine whether a candidate is suitable for the position. 

Letting a staffing company take over this assignment will allow the organization to better allocate its resources knowing fully well that they will get suitable and qualified individuals for their available positions.

4. There are No Benefit Packages 

Another misconception about staffing companies is that they don’t offer a benefits package. It is not always true that there are no benefit packages when you get a job through an employment agency.

Many recruiting agencies offer comprehensive benefits as well as additional packages such as retirement savings programs, paid vacation, referral programs and tuition reimbursement. 

5. We Have an HR Department – We Don’t Need the Service of Employment Agencies 

Many organizations have HR departments that take care of their hiring procedures.

However, these are only big enough to support normal business growth. If there is any sudden increase in job vacancies or there is an immediate hiring need, your company may not be able to find qualified candidates.

Therefore, using the service of a staffing organization will allow your HR department to focus on ensuring a healthy and safe work environment. 

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