Millennial Employees – How to Attract and Retain

Millennial employees are the future of the work force. Therefore, it is important to understand how to attract and retain them.

Understanding That Many Millennial Employees Will Job Hop

According to a report from Gallup, more millennials look for new opportunities than other generations.  Based on the survey, 60% of millennials are actively seeking new positions while employed.

The conclusion from the survey is that millennials have lower engagement levels compare to other generations.

On the other hand, there are many millennials that are committed to their job and see growth within the company.

Therefore, it is important to recognize these personalities and react appropriately.


Like any generation, managers need to develop a level of trust with millennials. Opening genuine lines of communication with employees develop trust and commitment.

If there are any concerns employees have, they should feel comfortable to discuss them with their manager.

Show Appreciation

When millennial employees do great work, show appreciation for their achievements. Most importantly, this builds trust with employees. As a result, they feel appreciated for their work and develop more commitment in their workplace.

Focus on A Growth Plan for Your Millennial Employees

By developing a growth plan, most employees will be committed to the company. Moreover, they will do their best in their current position to develop in their career path.

Therefore, it is imperative for managers to establish genuine growth plans with their employees. A growth plan is always good for the company and employees.

Assign Responsibilities and Accountability

By providing key responsibilities to employees, employers show trust in them. By doing so, the employees take on the responsibility as tasks that they must accomplish successfully.

Millennial employees drive on these types of responsibilities. Too often, employees are not given opportunities to prove themselves.

By providing new responsibilities, it engages employees to work harder and be more involved. This is a very important factor for retaining them.

Competitive Salary

One of the primary reasons millennial employees job hop is due to salary. The bottom line is, they want to be paid more sooner than later.

Employees that are a value to the company should be paid competitive wages. As a result, the employees will be more committed to the company and look for growth within.

In addition, if they start searching elsewhere, they will find that the salary is lower than their current rate. As a result, companies will retain valued employees.

Consistent Training To Millennial Employees

In addition to one on one meetings with employees, manager should provide formal training for them. For example, training for new certifications and technologies to improve company efficiency is a good investment.

Not only do the employees better themselves with training, but they also provide value to the organization.

By providing consistent training to millennial employees, companies increase the chances of retaining valued personnel.

Remote Work If Possible

The millennial employees grew up on technology. Therefore, they can do most of their work through technology.

If companies can provide remote work, they should strongly consider it. especially in recent times with COVID-19.

In addition,, companies can save on expensive real estate and save employees the headaches of morning traffic. Most employees prefer work-at-home positions and are happier.

Many managers are hesitant on the option of working remotely. The primary concern is that they fear lack of productivity.

However, if managers implement key performance indicators with accountability, they will be able to measure productivity and track performance.

The bottom line is if managers implement a stable work at home policy, employees will follow guidelines and perform as expected.

Hire for Cultural Match When Hiring Millennial Employees

Millennial employees quickly leave an organization when they do not feel it is a good match for them.  Therefore, hiring managers should evaluate candidates for appropriate cultural fit.

By doing so, businesses have a stronger chance of retaining them.

Attracting And Retaining Millennial Employees

Millennial employees are the future of the work force. There are certainly some challenges hiring managers face with them. With proper guidance, they have many benefits to businesses.

Millennial employees bring technical expertise and innovative thinking to a business. By nurturing their development, businesses can gain tremendously with their input.

If you need assistance with screening and hiring millennial employees, let us know. Our direct hire staffing agency specializes in screening the right candidates for your business needs.