How to Copy, Duplicate Files or Folders in FTP

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If you are trying to copy a file or folder in your FTP client, you probably have found there are no options in your FTP client such as FileZilla┬áto do so. Cutting or moving option is available, but not to copy or duplicate files and folders. Ouch! Don’t worry, downloading and the uploading back to a different directory is not the only option.

You can do this from C-Panel. Find your C-Panel login info (same place you created the ftp login account).

1. Log into your C-Panel.
2. Go into file manager.
File Manager Tier2Tek

3. Find the file or folder you want to duplicate.
4. Right-click and chose Copy.

Tier2Tek copy folder in ftp

5. Type in the new director you want to copy to. Replace “NewLocation” with actual directory you want to copy to. Remember, this is case sensitive.
Tier2Tek ftp new director