How To Build The Best Hiring Process

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Having a robust hiring process in any organization is crucial to a company’s success. In addition, a company’s employees represent the business identity. Therefore, businesses must have a strong hiring process in place in order to be successful and to retain exceptional talent.

According to an article from Forbes, roughly two million Americans leave their jobs every month. Most importantly, the cost of a bad hire can be detrimental to business. Not only should a business have the best hiring process in place, but also a retention plan to keep great employees.

Here are a few ways to build the best hiring process for your organization and retain employees.

Gather Facts About the Position

Best Hiring Process Gather Facts

When hiring for a position, the first step is to gather as much information as possible about the position.  Moreover, ask the hiring manager what their requirements are.

Try to understand what skills are essential and what are nice to have. Furthermore, ask the hiring manager what some of the red flags are that they want to avoid in the next candidate. Take a look at the positions Tier2Tek staffs for to get an idea.

Create an Attractive Job Description

Create an Attractive Job Description for Best Hiring Process

Next, create an appealing job description that attracts high quality candidates.

Start with a desirable title for the job description. Afterwards, briefly describe the company culture so the right type of candidate applies.

Next, note how the hiring process will work and what they can expect throughout the interview process.

Regarding the required skills, briefly mention the skills that the hiring manager is looking for in the next candidate.

If possible, mention the benefits and perks of working for the organization. Oftentimes, this will certainly attract quality candidates.

Plan the Recruitment Process

Plan the Recruitment Process

Regarding recruitment, first make sure it is the right time to recruit for the position. Work with the hiring manager to understand the timeline and make sure to have the right resources and place to meet those deadlines.

Furthermore, make sure to have the right size recruitment team who can sufficiently fill the position.  For example, not having the right quantity of recruiters working together can waste valuable time and resources.

Therefore, make sure the recruiters are qualified and each have their own role in the sourcing process.  As a result, they will efficiently work together to find the ideal candidates.

Afterwards, advertise the job on popular job boards, career fairs and universities. In addition, consider creating a referral incentive program within the company. By doing so, employees may have exceptional candidates that they can refer for the position.

Attract Candidates

Have incentive plans for candidates who are hired on. For example, hiring bonuses and competitive benefits always attract high quality candidates.

In addition, attend career fairs regularly to source exceptional candidates who are in the job market. Establish ties with universities and attend their career fairs as well. Some of the best talent come from new graduates. For experienced candidates, give recruiters the time and resources they need to successfully find the right people.

Finally, evaluate which source has provided the best candidates for your hiring needs. Afterwards, invest more time and resources into that approach.

Screening Candidates

Best Hiring Process Screening Candidates

First, plan the entire interview process. Make sure it is well thought out and everyone follows a chronological step.

Most importantly, make the candidate feel comfortable and gather the necessary information to make informed decisions.

Evaluate Resumes

The initial screening process will include evaluating how professional candidate resumes look. For example, is the resume formatted correctly and does it effectively summarize their background?

Afterwards, separate the top resumes and prepare to call them to discuss their background.

Call the Screened Candidates

After identifying the best resumes, call each candidate to understand a bit more about their background. This is an opportunity to determine their communication skills.

Certainly, it is common to be a bit nervous during the initial phone call. However, most candidates should be comfortable speaking confidently to a recruiter about their background.

In-Person Interview

Finally, set up the in-person interview to meet the final candidates. At this stage, the hiring manager will meet the candidates and learn more about their personality. In addition, hiring managers can evaluate if the candidate would be a good fit for the team.

Interview Tips

Best Hiring Process Interview Tips

To have an effective interview process, businesses need to plan the interview and how it will take place.  It is important to include the hiring manager in this process to ensure all aspects are covered.

The hiring manager will make the final decision. Therefore, they should lead the overall development of the process.

In addition, design the interview process to ensure that the candidates have a great experience. By doing so, candidates leave the interview having an exceptional impression of the company. Even if the candidate is not selected, they will speak highly of the organization.

When first meeting the candidate, make sure to make a great first impression. For example, a genuine smile goes a long way in making a great first impression. 

Furthermore, speak highly of your company. It is simply professional, and you would expect the same from future employees.

Selecting Final Candidates

Selecting Final Candidates

After meeting with the final candidates, the hiring committee along with the hiring manager should evaluate the skills of each candidate.

Finally, it comes down to instincts when making a final decision on a candidate.

Hiring Candidates

One of the most important factors of hiring a candidate is to set them up for success. Give them all the tools and show them how to be successful. For example, an effective new hire process should be in place to make sure new hires do well within the first month.

Employee Retention

Employee Retention Best Hiring Process

One of the most important factors of employee retention is to provide opportunities for growth. Most if not all employees need to be challenged and consistently grow with an organization.

In addition, provide attractive benefits and invest in employees. Furthermore, managers should always fulfill promises they make to direct reports.

Finally, make sure to perform market research on salary and pay employees market rate or higher.


In summary, employees represent a company. Setting up the best hiring process is essential to business success. When employees do well, the company does well. Therefore, it is essential to hire the best people possible for any vacant position. By following these best practices to develop the best hiring process, businesses can ensure they hire top talent for their company.