How Do Staffing Agencies Work?

Ever wonder how do staffing agencies work? Employment agencies focus on matching the right candidate to a position in an organization. The work of a staffing agency is to save time for the employees and the employers.

Consequently, if you are searching for a job, you need to know more about how staffing agencies work. Therefore, in this article, you will know how staffing agencies operate and some guidelines to boost your experience with staffing agencies. 

What Do Staffing Agencies Do?

What Do Staffing Agencies Do Tier2Tek

Staffing agencies work towards recruiting the right candidate for employees who need someone that can fill a role in an organization. Also, they help jobseekers to find the right jobs based on their skills, experience, and qualifications. The position can be a temporary or a permanent one.

Employment agencies help employees who are ready to work in a new industry to gain new experience and work in a new position before they are employed. Staffing agencies are also known as temp agencies or recruitment organizations. 

From job availability to the hiring of candidates, here is how staffing agencies work.

Employers Get-In Touch With The Staffing Agency

When there is a need to hire new employees, employer will reach out to an employment agency in their industry. The employers of the organization will inform the staffing agency about certain information which includes the number of employees needed, job specifications, salary and the period of employment.

With this information, the employment agency’s role is to create a job description and advertise the role on their website and job boards. Recruiting agencies may also make use of social media or other platforms to promote their job adverts. 

Candidates Send An Application For Job

Job seekers can browse a job opening that is available on the website of an employment agency. Additionally, job candidates can meet with the recruiter to talk about their experience and qualifications.

In both cases, the staffing agency will review their skills and background. This will help them to choose the positions that employers want to fill in an organization. Thus, this will help the job seekers to sign up with the staffing agency that will take over the whole recruiting and hiring process. Candidates will get feedback to enhance their chances of successful selection. 

Interview Process

After the agency finds the right candidates that fit the role an employer wants to fill, they will initiate the interview process. Based on the available position, employers may get involved in the interview process.

Employment agencies will ensure that the candidates are introduced to the employers and they will choose who they want to hire.

Start The Contract And Payment Process 

Most of the paperwork is taken care of by the staffing agency. The paperwork task may include managing the contracts of the candidates and terminating them when necessary. Additionally, staffing agencies manage employment taxes which include Social Security and Payroll.

Employers will have time to focus on other activities of the organization when they allow the staffing agency to take care of the recruitment process. For temporary positions, employers can hire a temp agency that will pay the employees through the staffing agency’s payroll.

In some cases, if an employee is doing an excellent job and the client would like to hire the employee, the client will ask the staffing agency to move the employee off their payroll and onto the payroll of the Client.

Do Employment Agencies Charge Fees?

Do Employment Agencies Charge Fees Tier2Tek

Yes, staffing agency gets paid for their service. If the employers do not hire the employment agency, they would have had to pay hiring costs through their human resource team. Either way, the organizations will have to pay to source quality candidates, whether it is outsourced to a staffing agency or if they choose to work with their internal HR team. 

Even though employers pay a fee, job seekers do not pay any fees to make use of the services of an employment agency. The fees will only be paid to the staffing agency by the employer.

Based on the amount of work performed by the employee, employment agencies charge their clients some fees. Fees may come in different forms which include the following:

  • A rate between 25% and 100% from the wages of the employees may be charged. The percentage is based on different factors as well. Location and salary may change the rate. For instance, with a 50% markup, if the salary of the employee is $20 per hour, the staffing agency will charge $30 per hour to the Client.
  • Temp-to-hire contracts allows employers to hire employees for a longer time. At the end of the contract, they can ask the staffing agency for an option to hire the employee. Basically, with this method, there is the possibility for the position to transition to a full time opportunity, but it is not guaranteed.

The Best Way To Choose A Reputable Staffing Agency

The Best Way To Choose A Reputable Staffing Agency

Making the right choice with a professional and reputable staffing agency is essential for the employer and the employee. These are some of the tips that will help employers with making the best choice. It will also help job seekers fill the role that matches their skills, experience, and qualification.

Choose A Specialized Staffing Agency

An employer must be able to locate an employment agency that offers recruiting services in their industry. Specialized employment agencies that understand your needs will be able to find the right job candidate with the experience to fill the available roles in an organization.

They have contacts with lots of organizations in the sector that job candidates want to work. They are also trained to evaluate your education and skills; this will help them to connect you with the right employer.

A reliable staffing agency will screen and interview candidates and offer professional advice about the hiring process. Additionally, there is a need for an employer to find a staffing agency that has many years of experience in your industry. This will ensure they get the right candidate for the available position.

Be Professional

When you are interviewed by the recruiters from the staffing agency, you must act professionally. Prepare for the interview, dress like a professional and get to the venue at the right time.

Meeting with the employer will depend on the perception of the recruiters. Therefore, you must do your best to impress them.

Explain Your Requirements

Let the staffing agency know the kind of job you are searching for. You can also discuss the kind of organization that you are looking forward to working with, the average salary you are expecting and any other information you want them to know. 

Clarify Gaps

Let your recruiter know about the gaps in your employment history. Also, if there is an issue with previous employment, it’s ideal to inform the recruiter about it. Always be honest with your work history.

Applying For Jobs

Apart from seeking employment through staffing agencies, there are other ways to find a job which include social media, networking, and online job boards. Additionally, you can make use of all these channels to find the right job.

Short Term May Lead To Long Term

A job seeker that is searching for a full-time position should be ready to accept a temporary position. Sometimes a temporary job can create a better chance for a permanent one. Always stay open to short term opportunities that may lead to long term careers.