Hiring Remote Workers (Complete List) | Step-By-Step Guide

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With the advent of the Coronavirus (COVID 19), companies are forced to adapt to employees working from home. In addition, there is an increased need for hiring Remote workers. In the modern era, technology allows us multiple options to work remotely.

Furthermore, adapting to working remotely requires considerable preparation. Does your company have the technical means and the maturity to effectively work remotely?

Studies show that about 40% of U.S. workers are already working remotely.  In other words, many companies have already adopted a culture of working remotely. Nonetheless, many companies still must adapt to this type of work environment.

Here are some essential tips for hiring remote workers.

Where To Find Candidates (Sourcing Candidates)

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Working with a staffing agency such as Tier2Tek Staffing can shorten your time-frame for hiring. Additionally, staffing agencies often have a pool of candidates looking for immediate employment. 

Furthermore, you can discuss your unique hiring needs and have recruiters find the ideal, remote candidates for you. Finally, staffing agencies have multiple sources for recruiting that most companies don’t have access to.

Job Boards

Posting your open position on job boards like indeed and monster will attract a lot of qualified candidates. The only challenge with this option is filtering through hundreds of candidates. Furthermore, job boards like monster require membership fees in order to post open positions.

Referrals From Current Employees

Referrals from employees are often one of the best sources for finding candidates. Current employees already are very familiar with the culture of the organization and can recommend the ideal fit for open positions. Furthermore, companies can incentivize employees with referral bonuses.

The Skill-Sets Candidates Should Possess

Working remotely requires some specific skills the candidate should possess in order to be successful. Therefore, companies need to ensure that candidates have these essential skills.

Great Communication Skills

Communication skills are exceptionally important for remote employees. Regarding written communication skills, an obvious way to identify this is by looking at their resume. Is it organized and are bullet points short and concise? In other words, resumes can show if they can communicate effectively.

Phone interviews identify verbal communication skills. Do they speak clear and concise? Or do they go off topic when responding to interview questions.

Companies need to ensure candidates can communicate well both written and verbally. It’s an essential skill-set important for remote employees.

Time Management Skills

Working from home can present many challenges that are not present in traditional workplaces. For example, one challenge may include disruptions from family. Therefore, make sure candidates have solid time management skills when working remotely.


Candidates should have the ability to control and motivate themselves. When clear tasks are provided to them, they stay on track and complete the work on time.


Ask candidates to provide examples of how they prioritized their tasks in the past. Furthermore, ask them a scenario-base question in which there are two options to choose from. By doing so, you can see how candidates prioritize urgency.

Up To Date With Technology

The candidate should be familiar with remote software tools such as Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, etc. Additionally, they should have a quiet work environment, modern equipment and a solid Internet connection.

Sample Interview Questions For Hiring Remote Workers

Ask some questions that validate the candidate’s ability to work from home. For example, these questions can include:

Have you worked remotely in the past?

Can you give me examples of technology that you have used when working remotely?

How do you stay focused when working remotely?

What do you think are the greatest challenges when working remotely?

What would you say is your turnaround time for communications such as email and text?

Take Note Of Interactions And Response Time

When you send communication to candidates, observe how fast they respond. Do they respond instantly? Or does it take hours? Or the following day? Based on their response, you will have a glimpse on how responsive they will be in communication.

Phone Screening And Video Interview

The initial phone screen will provide insight on the candidate’s communication skills. Furthermore, it allows companies to ask questions regarding their resume.

Next, the video interview allows companies to have a virtual face to face meeting. By doing so, hiring managers can have a preview of how video conferences will go with potential candidates.

Remote Employment Laws

If remote employees are in different states, companies need to be aware of State and City laws where the employee resides. Companies are liable for various taxes in those districts. 

State Income Tax

Be sure to understand all State income tax obligations where the employee resides. Furthermore, make sure to work with the HR team to understand those obligations. On the other hand, working with staffing agencies like Tier2Tek can alleviate those worries. Reputable staffing agencies are well versed with state laws and take care of all tax obligations for the contracted employees.

City Tax

Some cities require tax obligations as well. Based on the city that the employee works out of, the company may need to register and pay taxes.

Unemployment Benefits

States require unemployment benefits for each employee. These dues can be monthly or quarterly.  Make sure you understand the laws and make payments on time.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Additionally, every employer has the obligation to have every employee covered under a workers’ compensation plans. Based on the state and location, these obligations can differ.

In conclusion, there are many things to consider when hiring remote workers. By following this list, companies can ensure they are following best practices when hiring remote employees. Please contact Tier2Tek Staffing if there’s anything we can do to shorten your time-frame in staffing.