Creating A Recruiting Process with Retention In Mind

Having a recruiting process with retention in mind is very important to developing strong teams. It also helps business grow. When businesses lack in this process, they tend to hire the wrong employees, costing them tremendously.

Having a solid recruiting process with retention in mind increases the likelihood that businesses will hire top talent. By doing so, not only does the business hire the right people, but they also develop a strong reputation with job seekers.

Moreover, businesses spend a great deal of resources in filling a position. When they hire a candidate, it is in their best interest for the employee to stick around.

On the other hand, a poorly defined recruitment process will hurt the bottom line. When companies bring on a bad hire, it can result in a toxic environment and loss of production.

Therefore, a business should have a recruitment process that has an emphasis on retention.

Treat Candidates as Potential Customers

Interaction with a client or a customer is a high priority for businesses. For example, the communication is fast, and they treat the customer with the utmost respect.

When screening candidates, businesses need to treat candidates like potential customers or clients. If a  really good candidate applies, it is imperative that businesses respond as soon as possible, just  like the business would with a potential client.

Top candidates will be contacted by multiple companies for interviews. Therefore, businesses need to respond as soon as possible when candidates apply.

In short, treat candidates the way you would treat potential clients.

Appealing Job Description

Just as businesses create value around products and services, the same should be for the job description. 

When businesses create job descriptions that are appealing, they tend to attract more candidates. For example, businesses should talk about their company culture in the job description. As a result, applicants can have a better feel of the company they are applying with.

In addition to the technical requirements, businesses can mention perks and benefits for working at the company.

By doing so, businesses create a recruiting process that helps with retention.

Attract Diverse Candidates

Multiple studies have indicated that diversity increases business performance and production.

For example, almost all fortune 500 companies have diverse talent pools for their success. Their workforce includes expertise from countless backgrounds.

Most importantly, senior management should be diverse as well. As a result, the business has multiple perspectives when making important business decisions. Moreover, the workforce genuinely feels they work for a company that appreciates diversity. This results in happier employees who genuinely believe can grow with the company.

In summary, when companies employ a diverse workforce, they are building a team with retention in mind.

Gut Feeling Vs Smart Hiring

In many cases, a gut feeling can be the wrong decision. Without having a solid recruitment plan in place, businesses will certainly hire the wrong employees.

Most importantly, never hire someone simply based on the communication skills or on the initial phone call. In summary, your gut feeling about an employee based on initial impressions can be misleading.

Just remember, everyone puts their best foot forward during an interview. Therefore, have the best recruitment process in place to identify, recruit, and retain top talent.