Choosing A Staffing Agency: A Complete Guide

Choosing A Staffing Agency is simple. Here’s how to choose a staffing agency the easy and thorough way.

This guide covers everything you need to consider before choosing a staffing agency. Simply ask these questions and decide.

What Is Their Specialty? Do They Have A Niche?

Does the staffing agency have industry specific experience in finding ideal talent?

For example, in the IT field, recruiters must understand numerous IT Technologies. Ideally, recruiters that have actual experience in those fields are preferred.

It’s highly recommended to work with a staffing agency that has a niche in an industry. No doubt, their experience will provide quality candidates.

How Long Will It Take To Source Candidates?

Based on your hiring needs, provide a job title and ask what the time frame will be to provide candidates.

Staffing agencies specialize in sourcing candidates. In most cases, they should be able to find candidates mush faster than internal HR teams.

Furthermore, they have databases of candidates who are actively looking.

What Is Their Screening Process?

Ask them to explain what the process will look like.

Most screening processes follow a general pattern. First, the company explains their needs.

Next, the staffing agency begins sourcing and conducts interviews with potential candidates.

Afterwards, they send ideal candidates for final interviews with the client.

How Do They Attract And Retain Talent?

What are some ways they attract and retain exceptional talent?

Does the agency pay attractive salaries and provide perks and benefits?

The Company should be mindful of this. Salary and benefits usually come at the cost of the client. 

How Much Will It Cost?

For outsourced employees, what will the bill rate be? Do they have a conversion fee if you want to hire the employee on?

Additionally, what are their direct hire fees?

Finally, there should be no upfront fees until placement of a candidate.

Tier2Tek staffing has very competitive rates and we have 0% conversion fee after three months.

Can They Provide Referrals? Can We Contact Them?

Contact some of their current clients and ask them for feedback. What works well? What are some challenges, if any, do they have with the agency?

What’s Covered In The Background Checks?

How thorough is their background check? Do they conduct drug tests?

Typical background checks include national criminal and financial checks.

Furthermore, do they have a process for education and reference checks?

Finally, is the agency e-verified?

What Is Their Guarantee Policy?

This is a very important factor when choosing a staffing agency. There’s a slight chance that the candidate you hire may not end up being a good fit.

Does the staffing agency have a guarantee policy? If so, ask them to explain in detail based on potential scenarios.

Furthermore, ask them to explain any challenging situations they had in the past and how it was resolved.

Will There Be A Dedicated Account Manager?

Who will be the dedicated account manager? What is the turnaround time frame for communication?

If problems arise, how would they be addressed?

Finally, ask to speak to the account manager to get a better feel.

How Do They Learn About Your Company’s Culture?

How would they learn more about your company’s culture? Staffing agencies usually request on-site visits to build stronger partnerships.

Once you’re satisfied with a staffing agency, invite them to visit your location. Meet with the dedicated account manager and have introductions.

Does The Staffing Agency Understand Your Needs?

After explaining your staffing needs, do you feel confident they understand exactly what you’re looking for?

Communicating your needs with the account manager should make you feel at ease. On the other hand, if you don’t feel at ease, you should discuss your concerns with them or look for other staffing agencies.

Evaluate Your Interaction

Always call a staffing agency and speak to a decision maker. Evaluate their communication skills and get a feel of their customer service.

What’s Most Important To You?

Finally, ask yourself what criteria of staffing is the most important factor for you?

Is it the price? The quality of candidates? Or the communication level from a dedicated account manager?

Conduct a quick interview with the account manager and see if you get a good feeling. 

Conclusion On Choosing A Staffing Agency

In summary, working with staffing agencies can be a great benefit to your organization and help you save tremendous time and resources.

Simply ask the questions and see if they are a good fit. 

Tier2Tek Staffing covers all the sections mentioned in this article. We ensure our clients have peace of mind when working with us. If you need help with your staffing needs, please contact Tier2Tek Staffing at (720) 722-2385 or email us.