IT Recruitment Services

IT Recruitment Services

IT recruiting specialists like our team at Tier2Tek are focused entirely on staffing for IT positions. This allows us to dial in on the most important shifts in the industry and the job market.

Transfer iPhone Contacts/Calendar to Outlook

After buying a new workstation or re-imaging it, outlook contacts and calendars can be challenging to import back over. Here is the iCloud approach to importing your contacts and calendar from your Iphone. You should already have an Icloud account when you setup your Iphone. If not, set it up and make sure it is … Read more

Improving the Image of Service Desk

Identify the problem. Have you received an alarming rate of negative feedback regarding your IT phone support or are they coming from a few who are challenging to please? Are there metrics that provide accurate data identifying the problem? Breached SLAs Customer service Surveys MTTR times. Set expectations. The Service Desk team should be fully … Read more

How to Copy, Duplicate Files or Folders in FTP

If you are trying to copy a file or folder in your FTP client, you probably have found there are no options in your FTP client such as FileZilla to do so. Cutting or moving option is available, but not to copy or duplicate files and folders. Ouch! Don’t worry, downloading and the uploading back to … Read more