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Management and Executive Staffing

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In need of management and executive staffing?
Overall, management and executive roles involve leading teams, acting as liaisons for your company and creating a better future.
They are crucial for the development and functionality of any business.

Need to hire an executive or a manager in September 2023?

Working With Tier2Tek Staffing

What puts Tier2Tek Staffing above other employment agencies? We take the time to learn about your company. Furthermore, we stand by excellence and efficiency. Regardless of what type of manager or executive you need, we look to bring you the best available candidates within any timeframe.

Sourcing Candidates for Your Specific Criteria

As stated, we take the time to learn about your company and culture. We believe that the best employees fit your company’s ideals and existing workforce team. Therefore, we get to know your company and hiring needs before we begin the recruitment process. We look to bring you the best.

Recruitment Process

Our process begins with learning everything there is to know about your business, culture, industry and specific criteria. After that, we begin to look through our national database of prescreened candidates. If we can’t find a perfect fit, we post your job on job boards and other sites.

Finally, we screen and interview all applicants for communication skills, work tenure, professionalism and technical aptitude. Once we find the perfect matches, we bring them to you. As a management and executive staffing agency, we work hard to ensure we find the right fit for your company.

Our Speed and Accuracy

We believe in efficiency on top of proficiency. We look to bring you qualified candidates within three days. If you aren’t satisfied with the applicants, we will restart the process.

Chief Executive Salary Range

According to Beru of labor and statistics, the mean annual wage is $193,850 per year.

Management and Executive Positions We Recruit For

Chief Executive

The head of a company, the Chief Executive works to ensure best practices and a planned-out future. They also work as liaisons for shareholders and public officials.

General Manager

Depending on your industry and business type, the General Manager may have a variety of interchangeable priorities. Regardless, the General Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of your company and team.

Operations Manager

Overall, the Operations Manager is a master in quality assurance. Regardless of your business or product, the Operations Manager understands the production process and makes sure that it runs smoothly.

Restaurant Manager

Restaurants are a high-paced workplace. The Restaurant Manager makes sure that all operations are functional, from cooks to serving staff.

Hotel Manager

The Hotel Manager acts as an overseer of the workforce and customer service representative for guests. Like all management roles, the Hotel Manager makes sure everything is running smoothly.

IT Delivery Manager

The Delivery Manager is the head of a production unit in tech. They lead the team through the entire development process of a product. Whether software or hardware, the IT Delivery Manager is there to ensure the team meets goals, spending limits and business specifications.

C-Level Staffing

 C-Level workers can also be referred to as executives, C-suites, or chief operating officers. Henceforth, their main goal is to oversee and orchestrate the future of a business.

Compliance Manager

Compliance Managers handle ethical or legal issues within a company. When an inner dispute is raised, the Compliance Manager finds a proper way to handle and end the situation. In addition, they consider the seriousness of the issues and establish corresponding consequences to protect the company and employees.

IT Manager Staffing

The IT Manager oversees the entirety of a company’s IT department. They make sure all systems are implemented properly and are usually the first ones to respond in the event of an IT emergency or problem with any of the systems.

Solution Delivery Manager

Oversees all company assigned projects and makes sure they are completed in a timely manner and within budget. They are usually responsible for finding subcontractors, employees, or materials for the project.

Technical Account Manager

The TAM is the cornerstone between your online product and your customers. This may include helping customers troubleshoot issues, discussing customer service injuries, managing customer finances and finding new clients.

IT Delivery Manager

Ultimately, the IT Delivery Manager oversees the quality and assurance part of software or hardware development. They work to make sure the product is perfected before the sale.

Director of Public Administration

The Director oversees the entirety of a small business’ operations or a larger organization’s public departments. In doing such, they make sure that all processes are working effectively and efficiently.

Operations Director

The Director oversees the entirety of a small business’ operations or a larger organization’s manufacturing or process-related departments.