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Temporary to Hire Staffing

Temp-to-hire or temporary to hire staffing is when a candidate is hired initially with a staffing agency. After an agreed period of time, the candidate transitions to a full time position with the client company. By doing so, companies have the opportunity to work with candidates prior to hiring them. We look forward to assisting you with your staffing needs.

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Temp-to-Hire in The Staffing Industry

Many successful for organizations work with staffing agencies on a temporary to hire agreement. In summary, the organization hires a candidate through the staffing agency.

After a given period of time, the organization makes the decision to hire the candidate on within the company. As a result, the company has the opportunity to evaluate the candidate prior to hiring them on.

By doing so, organizations save themselves from costly bad hires. Therefore, temp-to-hire strategies can be very effective in ensuring companies hire the right candidates the first time.

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How Does Temporary to Hire Staffing Work?

First, you tell us about the position you need to fill. Next, we find qualified candidates, screen them and make sure they can do the job right. Afterwards, you conduct the final interview and make the decision to hire the candidate.

In temporary to hire staffing, the candidate would initially be hired through our staffing agency. Therefore, the employee is a contractor working within your organization.

After an agreed period of time, you may hire the candidate into your company on a full-time basis. As a result, your organization can evaluate employees prior to hiring them.

When Do I Need Temporary to Hire Staffing?

In many cases, temporary staffing is the ideal solution for changes in the infrastructure and resources needed for your major projects. Moreover, many organizations use temp to hire staffing on a seasonal basis.

For example, some seasons require a great deal of staff augmentation. During those times, staffing agencies can fill the needs quickly and effectively.

Moreover, temporary to hire staffing is the ideal route most organizations can take to ensure quality candidates are hired within a short period of time.

By bringing on the contracted employee, the organization has the opportunity to work with individuals and evaluate their performance.  By doing so, they can make the decision to hire the individual based on performance.

Let’s Discuss Your Recruitment Needs

First, we would like to understand the nature of your business in order to best support your hiring needs.

Next, how many temporary to hire employees do you need? One? One thousand? We can do it all.

Afterwards, we will work with your budget and scale the staffing and recruitment based on your needs.

Finally, we will search our vast database of candidates and find the best people as soon as possible.

The Benefits of Temporary to Hire Staffing

Evaluate Candidates Before Hiring Them

With temporary to hire staffing, organizations have the ability to hire the candidate on a contract basis. As a result, organizations can choose to eventually hire the candidate or dismiss him or her. If dismissed, the staffing agency handles the dismissal.

Develop Relationships Prior to Employment

The candidate hired within a temporary to hire staffing model will have the opportunity to work in the infrastructure prior to being hired. Therefore, the organization has the opportunity to build a relationship with the candidate and determine if the candidate is a good fit.


By employing a temporary to hire staffing strategy, organizations bring on the candidate has a contractor. As a result, the contractor works in the environment for several months.

Afterwards, but the organization and the candidate can see if it is a mutual fit. Once the relationship is developed, there’s a great chance of retention and longevity of the employee.

A Specialize Staffing Agency

Organizations can tap into the vast experience staffing agencies have in the market. In addition, they often have pre-screened candidates who are ready in short notice.

By utilizing a staffing agency, organization save on costs and have less resources to spend on hiring internally. Most importantly, staffing agencies have a great deal of experience hiring in a particular industries.

Therefore, by using a specialize staffing agency, organizations save time, money, and valuable resources.

Ideal Solution For All Parties

First and foremost, a temporary to hire staffing solution is ideal for organizations in order to avoid bad mistakes. Furthermore, it is a strategy to evaluate candidates prior to hiring.

Therefore, it is the ideal solution for organizations to hire great talent and promote retention within the organization.

Next, the candidate has an opportunity to work in the environment and adapt to the team. Moreover, this is an ideal solution for for the candidate to evaluate if this is a a good opportunity for their career path.

Oftentimes, many believe employers only benefit in a temporary to hire staffing solution. However, employees can also take the opportunity to experience the organization, the team, and their supervisor. If it is a good fit, they can accept the employment offer.

Finally, the staffing agency has the opportunity to match a great candidate with an ideal company. Most importantly, every successful conversion is helpful to the staffing agency.

It develops their reputation and all parties are very pleased with a staffing agency.

Working With Tier2Tek Staffing

When you need temporary to hire staffing for organization, Tier2Tek can provide optimal solutions.

Most importantly, our large database is updated daily and has candidates ready to start as soon as you need them.

Save time and money in your temporary to hire staffing needs with Tier2Tek staffing.

Dedicated Account Manager

No matter how big or small your temporary to hire staffing needs are, there will be a dedicated account manager to work with you every step of the way.

Most importantly, you always have someone who is fast at communication and addressing any of your hiring needs.

We take pride in our quality and customer service. Therefore, we dedicate an account manager for each of our clients.

How To Get Started

You can contact us contact us through our contact page or email us directly. A dedicated account manager will respond to you as soon as possible. Furthermore, if you prefer to call us, please dial 720-722-7285. We look forward to partnering with you in your temporary to hire staffing needs.