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Looking for a premiere staffing solution in the Mount Rushmore State?
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Tier2Tek Staffing Agency provides direct-hire recruitment services in the state of South Dakota.

Recruitment Firm Servicing South Dakota

Mount Rushmore wasn’t built in a day (or Rome). Crafting a hand-picked team of professional employees doesn’t happen in a day, either. In fact, it can take an abundance of company time and effort to find qualified candidates. When businesses need help finding the perfect employee, they often turn to professional staffing services. Tier2Tek Staffing is here for you.

As experienced recruiters, we believe that finding the perfect employees is more than finding perfect resumes. The best employees must match your company’s business culture and ideals. In order to find the most qualified candidates for you, we take the time to learn about your company before we begin the recruitment process.

Hire the Best Personnel for Your Workforce

Our process is proven and effective. We begin with assigning each client a dedicated account manager. This experienced recruiter is there to inquire about your hiring needs and any questions going forward.

After we learn about your specific hiring needs, we look over our national database of prescreened candidates. Due to our expertise and experience in the industry, we have working relationships with local organizations and universities in the region (and nationally). We will also post your open positions on all job boards and websites in South Dakota.

Finally, we finish the interviewing and screening process. We take the time to make sure each applicant fits your exact needs before presenting them to you.

Partner With Tier2Tek as Your Employment Agency

We strive to bring you the most qualified candidates within three days of contacting us. Henceforth, we only use the top 2% of applicants.

Regardless of your industry or hiring volume, we can handle it with expertise. Let’s build your future team in South Dakota today.