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Tier2Tek Staffing Agency provides direct-hire recruitment services in the state of New Hampshire.

Recruitment Firm Servicing New Hampshire

Hiring the perfect staff can be an arduous process. If you do not have a dedicated recruitment team or endless time, finding great workers can end up being a pit of business resources. Luckily, there are staffing agencies to help bring in direct-hire clients for your company. Tier2Tek Staffing is a national employment agency with decades of experience in all industries.

What makes Tier2Tek Staffing stand out amongst our competitors? What makes us an elite employment agency? We look at more than just the resumes. The most qualified candidates fit in with your business’ culture and ideals. Therefore, we learn everything about your business before we begin the recruitment process.

We can bring you the best applicants within any timeframe and in any industry.

Hire the Best Personnel for Your Workforce

Our process is both practiced and perfected. After over two decades in the staffing industry, we know exactly what to look for in qualified workers.

Firstly, we assign every client a dedicated account manager. This experienced recruiter gets to know your company and hiring needs. Furthermore, they stay in contact with you throughout the entire hiring process.

Secondly, we begin to look through our national database of prescreened candidates to see if we have the right fit for you. Simultaneously, we begin the vetting process, placing your opening on all job boards and websites.

Finally, we follow through with the entire interview process. Once we find the right match, we bring them to you. If you are unsatisfied with our candidates, we will continue to search for the most applicable professional.

Partner With Tier2Tek as Your Employment Agency

As an expert recruiting agency, we only bring you the top 2% of applicants. Furthermore, we look to bring you the most qualified applicants within three days of contacting us. Efficiency and proficiency is our motto.

Regardless of your industry, hiring volume, or timeframe, we can handle it.