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Telecommunications Administrator Staffing Agency

Telecommunications Administrator Staffing Agency - Tier2Tek

Tier2Tek Recruitment Company provides solutions for Telecommunications Administrator staffing. The role’s main responsibility is to improve and ensure the quality and durability of telecommunication-related services for businesses. The Administrator oversees networks that are connected via data and voice systems.

For Telecommunications Administrator Staffing

Tier2Tek Employment Firm has had many years of experience in Telecommunications Administrator staffing. Our company will take the time to determine your company’s needs in communications to bring the best candidates to you. As a direct hire company, we have an array of prescreened candidates ready to work. Tier2Tek looks forward to working with your company to assist with all your staffing needs.

What Does a Telecommunications Administrator Do?

A Telecommunications Administrator oversees all voice-related telecoms for a company. They make sure all these systems are working correctly and efficiently for all business-related activities. These systems can be a voice call, video conferences, and voice mail systems. If there are any issues with these systems, this role is needed to list the problems and ensure they are fixed or improved.

Nowadays, every business requires some range of telecom systems. Without these systems, a company cannot communicate with other businesses, clients, or amongst themselves. Also, due to many workers working from home in the modern age, video conferencing has become crucial to company success. With all that being said, Telecommunications Administrators continue to be a crucial role within a company.


  • Receives logs and creates reports. Logs problems or complaints.
  • Manages devices and services of the department.
  • Assists the telecom manager with vendor relations and communications.
  • Looks into billing-related inquiries.
  • Assists with solving disputes.
  • Receives and documents requests for assistance on various telecommunication devices.
  • Generates statistical reports for the management as needed.
  • Is responsible for the administration of the telecom department.
  • Tracks metrics.
  • Tracks and reports incidents and considers improvements.
  • Provides ongoing feedback to upper management.
  • Is available for overtime work when needed.