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The main responsibility of this role is to analyze and oversee the production of new systems.

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What Does a Systems Researcher Engineer Do?

Research Engineers stretch a wide variety of industries and roles. If you are looking for a specialist that oversees the creation and efficiency of your company’s systems, you are looking for Systems Researcher Engineer staffing.

The Systems Research Engineer is a specialist who examines company data and designs ways to solve business problems. Moreover, they use technology to provide these solutions. By collecting and analyzing the data, they can determine necessary updates and requirements for new systems.

Finally, they are in charge of creating documentation for workflows, software selection, and selecting monitoring systems.

Ultimately, the Systems Researcher Engineer examines business challenges and designs technical solutions for efficiency. Moreover, they serve as part of the change management team to help identify organizational needs and implement changes to improve productivity.


A Systems Research Engineer has 3-5 years of professional-level experience working on integrated technology software system implementation and/or production support teams.

  • Firstly, performs functional and technical requirements gathering, analysis, requirements synthesis, and creation of requirements documentation.
  • Secondly, sets up systems and configuration activities.
  • Performs software gap analysis, system process, and workflow analysis.
  • Completes data mapping and conversion activities from previous systems.
  • Identifies and supports integrations between both internal and external systems.
  • Acts as the formal point of contact/liaisonĀ and technical expert. Is also responsible for communication and coordination with all associated parties.
  • Performs model-based requirements generation for the design of systems.
  • Leads system design reviews such as preliminary design review, critical design review, and system verification review.
  • Develops internal model-based review processes to ensure model accuracy.
  • Captures digital system performance from engineering CAD and modeling tools to implement an all-digital design and validation philosophy.
  • Finally, creates and presents briefings and works directly with internal and external stakeholders.