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Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Agency provides solutions for Digital Business Analyst staffing.
The main responsibility of this role is to oversee the performance and growth of digital companies.

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What Does a Digital Business Analyst Do?

Looking for a specialist to help review and analyze a company’s online performance? Then you are looking for Digital Business Analyst staffing.

Overall, the Digital Business Analyst follows their title. When a company or organization has branched out into the world of online media, the Digital Business Analyst overviews online performance, growth, and revenue. Furthermore, they create reports and solutions to improve a company’s digital presence going forward.

The Digital Business Analyst helps a company create improved processes to accelerate performance and presence in the digital realm. This may involve working with digital products and helping make physical products digital. This role also involves analyzing performance data and creating reports to present to decision-makers.

Simply put, if your company is looking for someone to crunch performance numbers and help carve a path online, the Digital Business Analyst is the best candidate. They are experts on how websites and software should work and look in order to increase user engagement.


  • Firstly, contributes to, produces, and manages client deliverables relative to multi-channel marketing engagements. Then serves as a liaison between client staff and internal technical delivery teams.
  • Secondly, analyzes complex business problems to be solved with automated systems.
  • Finally, provides technical expertise in identifying, evaluating, and developing systems, processes, and procedures that are cost-effective and meet user requirements.
  • Develops and documents system specifications that are based on and meet business requirements.
  • Configures system settings and options for efficiency.
  • Plans and executes quality assurance, functional and end-to-end testing.
  • Works with developers and system architects to design and document the details of automated systems and processes.
  • Provides details to developers regarding what should be included in the software, application, or product.
  • Provides consultation to users in the area of automated systems.
  • May be required to lead cross-functional linked teams to address business or systems issues
  • Is client-focused.
  • Includes company-wide, web-enabled solutions, and databases.
  • Provides production support for solutions that are in production.
  • Assess a situation, receives input from stakeholders, and selects a course of action.