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Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Company provides solutions for Call Center and Customer Care staffing.
The main responsibility of the role is to answer phone calls and/or messages regarding customer relation topics.

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Tier2Tek Employment Agency works exclusively with your business to assist you with Call Center staffing. We have helped multiple businesses successfully build their customer service staff to support their business users.

Our recruitment agency has multiple communications personnel who are prescreened and ready to start on short notice. Most importantly, we make sure every candidate meets all the requirements of our clients.

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What Does a Call Center Specialist Do?

When a customer has an issue with a product, they often reach out to the corresponding company. When this communication occurs, the customer is directed toward a customer service representative over either the phone or chat service the company provides. The product specialist on the other end is considered the customer care rep or the help desk representative. If you need one of these communication experts, you need Call Center Specialist staffing.

They are responsible for the initial response to requests, incidents, and problems from business users. For example, they take the initial phone calls from business users and do their best to resolve the issues remotely.

This position requires exceptional communication skills and the ability to document customer issues. In addition, specialists must have an exceptional understanding of operating systems and how they function.

Most importantly, they are the voice of the IT department and must be able to effectively diagnose user issues and resolve them quickly.

Though the Call Center may be outsourced, the specialists are often available for 24/7 customer contact (or at least during the main business’ operation hours).

Average Salary

According to GlassDoor, the average salary for a Call Center Representative is $36,009 a year.

Example Responsibilities for Call Center Manager Staffing

  • Hires, trains, coaches, and leads call center representatives as they provide support for customers.
  • Answers representatives’ questions, guiding them through difficult calls or issues, diffusing angry customers, or handling issues that cannot be fielded by representatives.
  • Leads team meetings, asking questions to better understand the calls representatives are receiving, educating, and coaching workers regarding processes and practices, and explaining expectations to employees.
  • Assists other management team members in identifying trends and establishing call center goals.
  • Ensures staff members are achieving desired service levels and taking corrective action, as needed.
  • Prepares reports and analyzes call center data to improve processes, ensure resources are properly allocated, and maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Takes on other tasks or projects to support employees, other managers, and call center operations.

Common Skills for Call Center Specialists

Customer Service

Knowledge of Product

Time Management

Record Keeping

Common Career Path After Call Center Representative

After a customer representative demonstrates their knowledge of the product, customer service skills, and leadership abilities, they may move up to a managerial role. The call center manager will then oversee the entirety of the call center, helping train, answer questions, and discuss issues with highly upset customers. Furthermore, they may act as a liaison between the customer service team and the Quality Assurance team, helping improve products through user issues.

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If the manager then shows enough prowess and knowledge of the product, they may move up to the Quality Assurance team. In this position, the employee will take note of the common and longstanding issues with the company’s product, and work to improve them long-term. For example, if a customer service team reports that a plethora of customers are reporting a specific bug, the Quality Assurance team will work with the engineers to make sure it’s fixed.

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If the representative shows extreme knowledge of the product and works to further the knowledge through higher learning or certifications, they may move onto working directly on the product as an engineer.

For example, if the customer service team deals with a mechanical product, the rep may start learning about the mechanics through reported issues. They may then work to get a mechanical engineer degree, moving up to an engineering role within the company.

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