Bookkeeping and Auditing Clerk Staffing

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Bookkeeping and Auditing Clerk Staffing

Bookkeeping Accounting and Auditing Clerk Staffing tier2tek

Tier2Tek Recruitment Company provides solutions for Bookkeeping and Auditing Clerk staffing.
Typically, Bookkeepers handle the smaller day-to-day finances such as payroll. They handle the finances before an accountant looks them over to see the year-end picture. An Auditing Clerk can be an extension of this role, helping keep a company organized for potential auditing.

For Experienced Bookkeeping and Auditing Clerk

Tier2Tek Staffing Firm has had several years of Bookkeeping Accounting and Auditing Clerk staffing. We pride ourselves on being able to bring the right Bookkeeping candidates to fulfill your company’s staffing needs. Moreover, we make sure we know about your company and your financial situation to help find the right fit for you within your timeframe.

What Does a Bookkeeper/Auditing Clerk Do?

A Bookkeeper is responsible for daily financial reports. They are a key part of a company’s finance department. This day-to-day logging makes the accountant’s job easier at the end of the year. They are also responsible for handling invoices that require payment from the company.

Auditing Clerks can be an add-on to the responsibilities of a Bookkeeper. As Bookkeepers prepare for accountants, Auditing Clerks help prepare for audits. They make sure all of the accounting and books are prepared for an auditor.

Example Responsibilities

  • Prepares and sends out payments.
  • Manages the full cycle of accounting processes, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, and banking.
  • Verifies that transactions are recorded in the correct ledger.
  • Brings the books to the trial balance stage.
  • Processes payroll, sends all related government payments, etc.
  • Helps determine budgets, forecasting, analyses, and risk management.
  • Assists with the annual audit process and prepares schedules.
  • Maintains and archives detailed financial records.
  • Posts and reconciles company payments.
  • Reviews bills for the company to find potential errors or discrepancies.
  • Investigates and resolves billing discrepancies.
  • Ensures confidentiality and privacy of financial records.
  • Forms payment strategies to make timely payments.
  • Investigates any payment problems.
  • Provides corrective procedures to resolve problems.
  • Is available for on-call responsibilities and on-demand client needs.
  • Is available for overtime work when needed.