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AV Specialist Staffing Agency

AV Specialist Staffing

Tier2Tek Staffing and Recruitment Agency provides solutions for AV Specialist staffing. AV Technicians are responsible for the sound and video in conference rooms. Additionally, they take care of the meeting setups and manage video conferencing.

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Tier2Tek Staffing Agency has years of experience in staffing IT roles such as the AV Specialist. Our job is to find you exceptional candidates for your audiovisual staffing needs. Contact us today so we can get to know your business and find the ideal candidate for your recruitment needs.

What Does an AV Specialist Staffing Do?

The AV specialist is an expert with a company’s audio and video equipment. They are the technicians who set up equipment for all sizes of meetings. For example, they are the ones who set up the video conferencing devices, microphones, and all connections for a conference call.

A lot of time and effort goes into setting up an audiovisual production. After a meeting, they will break down all the equipment if necessary.

The equipment they work with may include wireless microphones, recording equipment, sound systems, video conferencing, projectors, video screens, lighting, and digital signage. Minimal networking and server knowledge are required.

An AV specialist’s responsibilities include:

  • Implementation of hardware platforms such as control, audio/video, video conferencing, and networking systems from industry-leading manufacturers.
  • Build, deploy, and maintain specific hardware required to meet the communication requirements of the division.
  • Document procedures and train users on the use of technology and software.
  • Design, configure and review plans for the implementation of learning and meeting space technologies, which may include construction renovation projects and systems upgrades.
  • Share and develop knowledge with other technical team members, staff members, and leadership.
  • Outstanding communication skills (written, verbal, and visual). Able to understand how content is most effectively displayed to achieve audience engagement.
  • Act as a liaison with operating units, agencies, and outside vendors.
  • Manage, review, and evaluate vendor, contractor, and customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Ensure AV systems are properly maintained and supported. Establish and maintain vendor parts lists and parts inventory as needed.