How to get Users to Submit Tickets

A few ways to encourage users to submit tickets:

  1. Service Desk reference info:  Try placing stickers on the base of monitors with the Service Desk number. Many times, users are simply not aware of how to submit tickets.
  2. Educate Users: Have an IT technician who attends new-hire orientation to present and educate new users on how to submit tickets.
  3. Response to walk-bys: Courteously, explain to every user who walks up to IT, the importance of tickets in a helpful manner.
  4. Support: Develop allies in the leadership team of the business in supporting ticketing and educating their directs on the necessities of tickets before IT assistance.
  5. Provide examples: Provide examples of the negative effects to the business when IT addresses any tasks, requests, incidents, problems without a ticket.
  6. Educate Technicians: Educate the technicians on the balance of customer service and politely saying “no work without a ticket.”
  7. Walk-up Service Desk: Consider a “walk-up” Service Desk at each site if possible. Users can walk up to the storage room area where an IT technician sits and conducts work. Have a kiosk setup for users to submit tickets and then speak to the technician on duty.

Ticket submission is vital to an IT department and the users who are supported. A culture of “walk-bys” and “hall-yanks” can become a norm if the challenge is not appropriately addressed. Tickets that are not documented can mean loss of inventory, undocumented incidents that may lead to problems, and inaccuracies in metrics. Technicians will assist users due to their helpful nature but neglect the overall importance of accurately quantifying their work. The technician continues to assist on the spot and starts to become overwhelmed as this becomes the “normal” process. As the site grows or more users believe a walkby is the best way of getting results from IT, p[problems begin to arise as the process becomes uncontrollable. The metrics show inaccurate quantity of work and when the technician needs additional assistance onsite, IT management can’t quantify the justifications as it would appear, based on the metrics, the workload does not warrant additional help. At the end, the technician will resign and the business will suffer. One must always keep in mind the perspective of the user and the business leadership. “Why should I call Service Desk in such and such state when I have Desktop Guys down the hall!?” Education and developing collaborative partnership with the business is the key to success.

Sabbir Ather has turned business/IT cultures around in educating sites on the importance of ticketing. Developing key partnerships with business leaders onsite resulting in transformation. Sabbir has personally turned remote sites from walkups to infrastructures that IT senior management can depend on to be self-sufficient. Contact us if you would like to chat and if we can assist.